Thermal Insulation Repair & Maintenance

Thermal insulation is a valuable investment and tremendous asset to energy conservation and process efficiency.

Scottfab Thermal Insulation Contractors can survey and identify damaged, missing or non-insulated areas of pipework, plant and equipment on your site.

Scottfab will then;
  • Quantify damaged and missing insulation.

  • Work packages will be logically identified.

  • Prioritise a programme of work.

  • Produce fixed price costs for the work to be completed.
Damaged and missing insulation can allow the surface temperature of equipment and pipework to exceed Dew Point - thus allowing condensation to occur and in sub-zero process ice build up to occur. Potentially this could result  in slippery surfaces, cosmetic damage and fungal infestation or rotting of susceptible materials.
Boiler and vessel insulation and cladding can be removed to expose welds to allow NDT testing to be completed.

We can then replace the insulation afterwards in a way designed to allow for future access in an unobtrusive way.

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